Google Trends: Top Rated TV Shows and Video Games 2016

Searches of the most top rated TV shows in 2016

According to IMDB the most top rated TV shows from 2016 are as follows: #5 American Horror Story, #4 Westworld, #3 The Walking Dead, #2 Stranger Things, and #1 Game of Thrones. In Google Trends, I compared these shows based on their popularity of google searches. Unsurprisingly, “Game of Thrones” and “The Walking Dead” are popular searches, and they peak when the show is airing or an announcement is made. Interestingly enough, however, is that the second highest rated show “Stranger Things” is not a very popular search term as a TV series. The only other time that neither “Game of Thrones” nor “The Walking Dead” is above the rest is when “American Horror Story” rises just a bit during the time around September 13th, 2016.

Some other interesting facts presented by Google Trends is the worldwide map. The interest for “The Walking Dead” is shown to be more prevalent in the western hemisphere (except for Canada and Venezuela), while “Game of Thrones” is more prevalent in the east (except for France, Spain, Japan, Vietnam, and Thailand). Latvia is the only other country that differs from the rest, as “American Horror Story” is shown to be the most searched TV Show.

In terms of which country has the most interest in any of the five top-rated TV Shows, each show has a unique country in where it is searched for the most. As of today, Irland takes the top spot for “Game of Thrones.” Canada searches for “Stranger Things” the most. Costa Rica has the most interest in “The Walking Dead.” Norway has “Westworld” as the country most interested in it, and finally, Russia is currently the leader for “American Horror Story.”

Searches of the most popular Video games in 2016

There are many websites that cover the best “top rated games of 2016” and the list often varies. Rather than pour over each site to aggregate the data, I will go off of GamesRadar’s list of their top five choices: “Titanfall 2”, “Doom”, “Dishonored 2”, “Uncharted 4: A Theif’s End”, and “Firewatch.” All of these games peaked during release and tapered off after. “Uncharted 4” was the most searched for in 2016, after that, Doom, a remake of the classic 1993 video game, came in second place. Looking at the world map, we can see each country and their most searched for games. Currently, due to their relative popularity, “Doom” and “Uncharted 4” are the only games that appear on the map. The distribution of the games by region appears to be even and mixed.

As of now, the country that exhibits the most interest for “Titanfall 2” is the United States. For “Doom” and “Dishonored 2,” the Czech Republic has the most searches by region. Portugal leads in interest with “Uncharted 4,” and lastly, “Firewatch” is searched for the most in Hungary.

While the line chart shows the expected results of interest increasing near title releases and content updates, the interest by region shows some interesting results regarding which game is more popular in certain countries.

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