Gdańsk, Poland: A Look At The Growth of Infrastructure Through Google Timelapse

Photo from Wikipedia Commons

Trade is an important part of a nation’s economy. Gdańsk is an important trade hub and has been a port town of Poland since the early 13th century.  In some of the preceding years, Gdańsk thrived in its commerce, while in others, experiencing economic decline.

During the 198os, Gdańsk was suffering under a declining political and economic model. These years gave birth to the Solidarity movement where the people of Poland protested against Communist policies. In 1989, the Solidarity movement had achieved its goal and free elections were held. The first non-communist government in the Soviet block was formed and a new era arrived for the port of Gdańsk.

A look at Google’s Timelapse of the port city shows us the expansion of Gdańsk from 1984 to 2016. It is a testament to the rapid growth and development of a once struggling port.

Google Earth Timelapse

Sources:, RadioFreeEurope

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