Chicago Homicides by Year (1990 – 2016) Chart

Chart through Google Fusion Tables

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A Brief Look at The History of The World Cup

2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany

The game known as football has been around for hundreds of years. The World Cup, however, had only started in 1930. There had been many splendid victories, crushing defeats, and historical intrigue that have gone by since then. Below is a timeline that briefly summarizes a few World Cups throughout the years.

Done by using Timeline JS

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CDC’s Drunkest Cities: A StoryMap Presentation

Alcohol is widely used in social gatherings of all kinds and can be useful to loosen people up. Like all things, however, too much can ruin your health or cause damage if misused. These cities, unfortunately, have very big problems when it comes to alcohol consumption. Follow along in the StoryMap to see America’s 10 cities dealing with drinking problems.

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Michael Jordan PPS and Johnathan Toews PPS Charts

Micheal Jordan Points Per Game
Interactive Graph

An iconic Chicago Bulls player, Michael Jorden has had an excellent basketball career. His time with the Bulls had given him six NBA championships, all obtained around the years 1991 – 1993 and 1996 -1998. As the graph shows, Jordan had peaked his scoring average during his early years with the Chicago team.

It was only after Jordan’s point scoring average decreased, however, when the Bulls won NBA championships. This may be due to the fact that Jordan began playing more as a team member than an expert shooter. This, and having other Chicago greats, such as Scottie Pippen or Bob Love, to share in their point scoring efforts.

This graph provides evidence that a champion-tier team does not need a high-scoring superstar. Rather, a good team needs a balanced roster and good teamwork among the players to make it to the NBA championship. This is no surprise. Basketball is a team sport after all, and all elements of a team must work together to make something truly special.

Micheal Jordan has his place in a lot of hearts of Chicago Bulls fans, but it is important to remember that he could not have won those championships all by himself. That said, it is always fun to look back at those times and remember the glory years for the Chicago Bulls.

Johnathan Toews PPS Chart
Interactive Graph

A captain for the Chicago Blackhawks, the Canadian-born hockey player Johnathan Toews, is one of the staples of success for the NHL team. During his years with the Blackhawks, Toews had been a part of three Stanley Cup Champion Seasons, which include: the 2009-2010 season the 2012-2013 season, and the 2014-2015 season.

On the graph, we can see that in all those years, the number of goal assists were greater than the number of goals scored. Mainly, there is a very large gap between the two values during the 2009-2010 season and the 2014-2015. This is interesting, because in both cases, Toews’s number of assists peak during those times, and the number of goals either dip or stay steady.

The years were Toews had the highest number of goals does not also mean that the team was doing well at the same time. Rather, the assists better marked the Blackhawk’s success. As stated in the Micheal Jordan section, a team that is working together wins games.

Toews, while a good shooter himself, is better known as a great defensive player and passer, setting up goals for his other teammates. Having more assists provides evidence of good team coordination and the Stanley Cup-winning seasons shows just that.

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Unemployment Net Change Graph (2005 – 2015)

Unemployment is a big issue when it comes to daily life and politics. With this graph, created using Google Spreadsheet, we can see the net change of employment throughout the years listed.

Graph done through Google Spreadsheet
Interactive Graph

Data Source

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Top 20 Cycling Cities Around the World

Bikes are economical, environmentally friendly, and a healthy means of transportation. Sadly, not all cities have the infrastructure to support safe or efficient cycling. For those who are curious, or for those who wish to move to such a place, this map shows the top ranked bike-friendly cities.

Off the bat, you will notice that there are many bike-friendly cities located in Europe. Is it because the previous infrastructure allows this? Or is there a cultural element that promotes biking? Regardless, Europe is undoubtedly the best continent for cycling and even hosts the top biking city, Hamberg.

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Illinois Grant Agency Data Visualized

According to data in the Illinois Data Portal, State grants have been given out to the tune of $14.8 billion since 1994. Here is a chart showing the four biggest State-run agencies that have provided the largest sum of grant money.

Click on the data chart to view in

An important thing to note about this chart is that there are many agencies under the section “other.” Below is the entire list of departments that resides in “other,” due to their relatively small monetary output:

Historic Preservation Agency
State Police
Commerce Commission
Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority
Council on Developmental Disabilities
Healthcare and Family Services
Arts Council
Fire Marshall
Veterans Affairs
Natural Resources
State Board of Education
Children and Family Services
Housing Development Authority
Board of Higher Education
Public Health
Criminal Justice Information Authority
Emergency Management Agency
Capital Development Board

While many of these agencies provide important services, they do not give out as much money for grants as the top four to be displayed on the chart effectively.

The agency with the most money given away by grants is the IDCEO, or Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity. IDCEO provides grants and manages services that help with economic development. Businesses, non-profit organizations, local governments, and many workers benefit from this services.

The second-largest, in terms of grant money, is the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. Needless to say, the IEPA works to protect the environment and the general health of the Illinois population. The agency provides grants to help environmental cleanup operations, water health regulation, and underground storage tank regulation.

Illinois Human Services provides the third-largest sum of grants for the State. The Illinois Human Services manages a various number of organizations that help those in need. They give out grants for a wide variety of human needs, such as mental health, alcohol and substance abuse and community services.

Lastly, the Illinois Department of Transportation gives out the fourth-largest sum of grants. IDOT manages all Illinois transportation systems and strives to improve them in order to move supplies and people as quickly as possible. The agency mainly deals with grants such as Highway safety, sustained traffic enforcement and the injury prevention program.

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